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    Replacement Windows: Everything You Need To Know

    Replacement windows can dramatically improve your home’s appearance and livability — and we should know because they’re our signature product. (We make all of ours locally in Texas!) But because windows are a big investment, we want you to know all the details before you sign the dotted line. Here are some things to keep in mind as you’re considering replacing your windows:


    1. Comfort and beauty are the best reasons to replace windows

    If your home is at least 15 years old and you’re: a.) putting up with uncomfortable drafts, excessive outside noise, or water leaks; b.) sick of poorly installed windows that stick in their frames; or c) hate, hate, hate the way your old windows look, then you’re a prime candidate for window replacement. If your ultimate goal is to improve your home’s comfort level or curb appeal, you’ll find the investment well worth it. We might be a little biased, but we think window replacement is one of the most satisfying home improvements you can make. We’ve specifically designed our windows to withstand the frigid winds and big temperature swings in Texas, and we can promise you’ll feel the difference.

    2. Sometimes, however, repair is the better alternative.

    Once windows reach a certain age, we almost always recommend replacement. But there are some problems that can be repaired successfully, like isolated areas of rot or condensation, or air leaks that can be handled with caulking. We’re always happy to advise you on the pros and cons of any potential window project—just give us a call or request a free project estimate and tell us what your main problem is with your current windows.


    3. Your home’s resale value will go up.

    You may not earn back your whole window investment in energy savings, but you’ll recoup as much as 70% of the purchase through increased home value.

    4. Proper installation is critical to getting the best results in terms of longevity, durability, and energy efficiency.

    We really can’t stress this enough. You can buy the most expensive and energy-efficient windows on the market, but if they’re installed poorly by contractors who don’t know what they’re doing, those windows won’t save you a dime on your energy bills, they won’t make your house comfortable, and they won’t last as long as they’re supposed to. If you buy replacement windows, you’ll deal with us — and only us — from purchase through installation. No subcontractors. Ever.

    5. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get great results.

    Windows are an investment, yes, but we can actually accommodate a range of budgets. Even if you’re just in the beginning stages of considering replacement windows, get in touch with us to find out more about cost options. We can also help you find financing for your window project if necessary—we don’t make a dime off this service, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

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    Replacement Windows | Andersen Windows

    Andersen Windows
    andersen bronze exterior

    Many people often don’t talk about changing windows unless there’s a big problem. Nonetheless, the fact is that there are many good reasons for changing the home window, even without a major emergency requiring the switch. Andersen Windows is some of the best on the market today with Stormwatch. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding to any home these incredible accessories.

    Enhanced Seasonal Comfort Replacing an old, drafty window–especially a single-sided window–will improve the ability of your home to maintain an interior Andersen retains temperature and keeps summer weather outside by about fifty percent. The Energy Star-rated model of today is made of special technology incorporating frames that are energy-efficient and high-performance glass.

    Also, this same glass that keeps the interior air warm can better protect a home during the summer months against the hot sun. A type of window with the high-performance glass reduces by at least fifty percent the amount of heat coming into your house. Just think about how many bills for heating and cooling can be minimized by installing them in the building.

    Increased Curb Appeal Switching out some of your home’s features can have an immediate dramatic effect on your appearance outside. Andersen has a wide selection of window, door, and side products that offer homeowners many options that often complement many homes, whether traditional or more contemporary. And with all the trim packages available for both the outside and the inside, homeowners can be sure their custom-designed window looks unique.

    Andersen Windows
    Andersen Windows

    Never need to paint low maintenance vinyl or fiberglass frames. In many cases, much of the new hardware used in replacements are made of robust stainless steel and die-cast zinc, which is subjected to various tests to ensure that they are kept in any household. However, most of today’s best window manufacturers sell the original homeowner a full-life warranty that includes all products and labor.

    Additionally, a new window can give added security to your home. The brand Andersen tested AndersenBathroom-resized-600 for forced entry for safety. Most now offer multiple-point locking systems that make lock breakthroughs almost impossible.

    Reduced sound transmission The often underestimated capacity of a new window to impede sound transmission. The noise comes from many different sources at different frequencies. With the world’s population growing every year, day-by-day noise control is becoming more difficult. When it comes to maintaining sound control, these home glass features can be the weakest link.

    Last but not least, a new window will help improve the environment. When less energy is used to heat and cool the house, less natural resources are being used up, and thus less environmental impact is being made.

    Is it time for a substitute?

    Most homeowners may be confused about whether they need to remove the door. A consultation with Champion Forests ‘ professionals can help any homeowner better understand their options to make a more informed substitute window decision.  It is important to find a reputable company you trust. Look around for a quality company you like. You want to be sure you are getting the best out of your money.  

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