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    Screen Enclosure

    Screen Enclosure

    Why is the patio screen enclosures such a popular feature? It’s very simple. These clever structures are offering very real benefits. Here are the top seven features of a screen enclosure.

    It’s always great when you can enjoy relaxing on your porch swing without having the mosquitos bite you.  In Texas, it’s rare when you don’t eat up by the mosquitos. That’s the importance of Screen Enclosure. I definitely hated bathing in chemicals to keep those dreadful bugs away.  

    1. Screen Enclosures are giving the best of both worlds.

    Patio screen enclosures straddle the line between indoor and outdoor, creating a space that allows you to enjoy the best of both environments. With a screened-in porch, it’s easy to soak in the natural beauty of your backyard without having to worry about the difficulties that sometimes accompany your outdoor ventures.

    2. Keep insects at bay without any trouble.

    Gnats, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and other bugs can quickly make a dry, sunny day out of a miserable experience. Seeing these bugs buzzing or creeping around you is distracting. Worse, their bites are uncomfortable and can cause a variety of illnesses. You can use insect repellents to keep them away, but they are often fragrant and require frequent use to be even mildly effective. On the other hand, screen porch enclosures serve as a shield, protecting you and your family from these unwelcome visitors without requiring any extra effort on your part. Check out the Phifer Screen Types that we’re using.

    3. Protect from the elements.

    Soaking rains and bleak winds can make even a dedicated outdoor man stay inside for a long time, and while the sun feels good on your skin, it poses its own hazards. After all, sunburn and cancer of the skin are undeniably unpleasant. The screened enclosure of the patio provides a sheltered area that significantly reduces weather conditions, making it easy to enjoy the outdoors irrespective of what Mother Nature has planned for the day.

    Screen Enclosures

    4. Reduce maintenance requirements, please.

    The patio is a lovely feature, but maintaining it that way takes a lot of work. Patio enclosures reduce this burden because the screens avoid the intrusion of leaves, branches and other debris. They also protect your patio furniture and other surfaces from the sun, reducing fading and wear.

    5. Provide extra space for entertainment.

    Whether you want to plan meetings for a few close friends or thrive on hosting parties packed with people, a patio walled enclosure is a real bonus. These screen-room patios are a fun place to have fun and allow the party to go on regardless of the weather.

    6. Increase the value of your property.

    Screen enclosures are an inexpensive way to add to your home’s square footage. Installing one gives you more elbow room and a potential boost to the value of your property.

    7. Add some visual charm.

    Screen enclosures are not one-size-fits-all; they can be as simple or ornate as you want, and they come in an amazing array of sizes. The custom structure can easily be designed to complement the style of your home, creating an attractive addition to an aesthetic appeal.