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lenovo launcher,lenovo ui launcher,lenovo type launcher

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Hello,friends i share this video for different launcher lovers, This is launcher that change your home screen into Lenovo vibe ui. This launcher developed by Chinese company's.it is best for slow android,or whom that change Android style like Lenovo. Friends this launcher not available in play store,but i give link in Media fire .just click on this link and boom.Enjoy.... Link is here:- https://www.mediafire.com/file/8p0pw7vn7v6alpz/com.lenovo.launcher-

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Vishal Kumar (10 days ago)
Not install
Andro Moder (5 days ago)
ok i will fix new LINK soon.plz. stay tunned
Bijan Biswas (13 days ago)
Not download other theme
Magashiken Gaming (4 months ago)
PTJ/ PART TIME JOB (4 months ago)

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